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    Renewable Energy

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    10 Year Guarantee

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R.C. Bosman Solar

Welcome to the home of Cape Town's most trusted Solar Geyser Company.

solar geyser company cape townPlease visit our Solar Geyser Sales page if you want to read more about all the advantages and huge electricity savings a solar water geyser will give you. In addition to the great savings on electricity consumption, you will also join the "go green" movement and harness the power of the sun to heat your water.

RC Bosman Solar also offers finance options to make our solar geysers affordable to everyone! We are the sole distributor for the world leading Hills Solar Water Geysers in Cape Town. Hills Solar Water Geysers have a strong reputation for being very durable and long lasting and also includes a 10 year guarantee to insure a great return on investment.

Just like a conventional electrically heated geyser, solar geysers require a storage hot water cylinder. This allows water to be heated by the sun during the day and stored for use that night or the following morning. It also provides an electrical backup element to heat the water of the solar water geyser should there be insufficient solar radiation.

Solar water geysers provide efficient heating that conserves energy and saves you money.
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